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Product Training

As you get started, it’s important that you start learning the products and how to recommend them. So much of your confidence in this business will increase as you do! You do NOT need to know everything before you start, though. Lean on your leader to get you started with recommendations and use this resource to help you learn as you go!

Understanding the basics of Haircare

Product training
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Monat shampoos focus on overall scalp health. 

  • How often does she currently wash?

  • Any scalp issues that need to be addressed? (ie: dandruff, psoriasis etc)

  • What is the weather/climate where she lives? 

Monat conditioners focus on strand needs.

  • What is the hair strand porosity? 

  • What is the hair texture? 

  • What is the hair length?

Monat masques focus on hair goals.

  • Is there breakage?

  • Is her hair very dry?

  • Is she color treating often?

Monat styling products focus on how she styles her hair.

  • Any heat at all? 

  • Does she need volume?

  • Is her dried hair frizzy?

Understanding the basics of Skincare


In 2019 Monat launched, the Healthy Skin Revolution! Harnessing the natural power of botanical oils, exotic fruits, plant-based stem cells and Monat exclusive peptide, we created the most advanced approach to anti-aging skincare available today. Our skincare line is clinically tested, naturally based and vegan. Our product line continues to expand, providing amazing results for all ages and skin types.

Check out these documents for more details on the products we offer and how to recommend them! 

Understanding the basics of Wellness

Our most recent product line is making major waves! Monat Wellness provides complete health and beauty from the inside out. Check out our Wellness experience to learn more about what we have to offer! 
Small disciplines repeated with consistency 
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lead to great achievements gained slowly over time.
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