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Welcom to the team


to the Team

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You did it! You signed up! WAY TO GO! You’re awesome and great and pretty and funny and YOU can do this! Ok, now let's go!


We want to say welcome to the team! We are so glad you’re here and hope you feel right at home with our Everyday Momentum family! We’ve put together this welcome website for you to help you get your business off to a quick and smooth start! 


Think of this website as a group of friends coaching you through how to start up your new business because that is our heart behind this - to equip you with everything you’ll need to lead and grow a sustainable business! 


It is a lot of information so don’t feel the need to get through it all at once (though some of you who are extra hungry for change will plow through this! Go for it sister!) The main sections you’ll want to get through within the first few days of enrolling are Welcome to the Team, Catching the Vision, and How you Make your Money. From there you can work through the rest of the info at your own pace!

Smart Start Breakdown

Our first goal is to help you make your investment back ASAP. The month that you enroll plus the next 2 months is called your Smart Start! This is a perfect time in your business for you to earn some incredible bonuses! Be sure you watch this video!